Pillows et Plus




Magdalene Zureiqat is the principal of Pillows et Plus. She brings 35 years of experience to your project, along with an innate sense of just what's needed - for this window or that chair; how to embellish a fabric to perfection and when to keep things simple.

Throughly schooled in England by her seamstress mother, Magdalene embraced all things beautiful and tactile at an early age.

The delicacy of pulled thread work from summers spent in Lille, France. The extravegant sweep of her mother's full skirts. A family trip to Russia and the Royal Hermitage proved pivotal; here the sheer opulence and scope of artistic offerings fueled her growing creativity.

Magdalene studied and worked in ateliers both in Paris and London, refining her love of precision and detail. And nine years living in Amman brought inspiration from fanciful wrought iron, colorful mosaics and a rich combination of Roman and new-classical architecture.